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The East Haven Land Trust is happy to announce that the Bailey Woods preserve at 475 Thompson Street has been reopened for everyone to enjoy.  As always, we urge visitors to exercise care and stay on the marked trail.  Be aware of the potential for hanging or fallen branches, soil erosion, and other natural conditions.  A reminder that all other East Haven Land Trust properties remain closed for a while longer.
Check back for updates. 

About Us

We are residents of the Town of East Haven who are your neighbors, and have come together with a common goal to save land in the public interest. To this end, the East Haven Land Trust was established to accept donations of land, conservation easements or money to purchase land. The Land Trust is dedicated to acquiring and preserving open space in our town, thus protecting areas of natural beauty. A land trust will provide the residents of East Haven a working vehicle to acquire and hold land in common for the enjoyment of present and future generations.


This is  the most up to date listing of  EHLT properties. We own about 130 acres of property in East Haven.
Properties are as follows:

1. 157 Eddon Drive  8.55 acres
  upland wooded.
2. 9 Second Street 4.13 acres
3. 14 Mill Pond Heights Road  20 acres open and wooded
4. 78 Old Town Highway  2.22
  acres wetland/Morris Creek
5. 40 Second Street 1.35 acres wetlands
6. 29/44 Windsor Street .26 acres wetlands
7. 21 Allikat Way .39 acres Partial  wetland

Be A Member

The East Haven Land Trust protects the open spaces of East Haven for you and your family to have places to bike, hike, fish, farm, eat locally, play, relax, be healthy and breathe deeply… forever. Generous donations, gifts of land and the tireless work of our volunteers all play critical roles in achieving our mission. Thank you for your support. Want to get in touch? Have a question? We are happy to help.




  Monthly Membership Meeting


The next EHLT monthly membership meeting will be held Wednesday March 29, 2023 in the Hagaman Memorial Library (227 Main Street) BOARD ROOM (2nd floor) at 7:00PM.

Stay tuned to this page for announcements regarding dates, times, and location for future membership meetings.

Wishing everyone a healthy and safe 2023.

A Tribute


Our Beloved “Doc”

The East Haven Land Trust (EHLT) lost a dear friend and tireless supporter of conservation when Dr. Charles August “Doc” Schlegel D.D.S. passed away on June 8, 2016.  Doc joined the EHLT in its infancy and was the consummate member, rising to the position of President where he remained for many years.   Through Doc's steady leadership, his foresight and vision encouraged the EHLT to take on projects and acquire new properties that otherwise may have seemed daunting.  Doc was extraordinary, both as a person and as a colleague in the Land Trust.  His knowledge, insights, compassion, and love of East Haven made him an invaluable member of the EHLT, as well as an active participant in many town commissions and boards, and church affairs.  His kind and caring personality was forever embedded in his smile - something we will always remember about him.  Doc was a moving force behind the growth of the EHLT to what it is today with over 130 acres of protected land.

While Doc had many passions and interests in life, land conservation was one of his nearest and dearest.  His involvement in this field spanned many decades.  In that time using energy, imagination, and expertise, he partnered with various organizations and individuals, while navigating government bureaucracy, and helping landowners to find the most advantageous arrangement for the protection of open spaces.  Thanks to Doc, the members of the EHLT were encouraged to think long term on how to build the organization into an effective land trust to benefit the current and future residents of East Haven and make it a better place to live.  A dear friend, an inspirational mentor, and a valued colleague to many of us in the land trust community, we will miss him greatly.  Doc was always ready to share insights as well as his time, while fearless in his belief that we can always do more together to save the town we love.  Those of us who are charged with this responsibility have a great legacy to uphold.

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