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About Us

Founded in 1989, our organization is made up of East Haven residents who work to protect public and private land to benefit all town residents now and for generations to come.   Our ongoing work is driven by the fact that if we do not conserve and care for our treasured open spaces, we will never get them back.

We strive to balance growth by protecting lands for the aesthetic, environmental and economic benefit of all East Haven residents.  We work with landowners and other like-minded organizations so you and your family have places to bike, hike, fish, farm, play and breathe deeply…forever.

Our work often involves conservation easements, which allow people to continue to own their land while placing limits on its development.

We also accept donations of land to be protected. We work with property owners and partner organizations statewide to develop strategic conservation plans and to raise funds for land protection. Additionally, we serve as stewards of protected lands, ensuring that conservation agreements are respected and enforced.

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