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Mission Statement

The East Haven Land Trust,Inc. is dedicated to the conservation and protection of natural areas in East Haven. The Land Trust endeavors to educate all of the townspeople in what a conservation life style entails. The EHLT joins with other regional and national conservation groups to highlight our proximity to Long Island Sound and its educational and recreational uses. The EHLT is committed to the preservation and restoration of wetlands (both tidal and inland). The EHLT also acts as an educator by using any
media facilities available to get our message broadcast and printed. We cooperate with the local school system in providing brochures and other materials of an educational nature.


​Our organization focuses on the following:


Historic Land: Conserving historic lands protects the context of historic structures and sites while safeguarding our rich history for future generations.


Recreational/Scenic Landscapes: Conserving our natural resources and open spaces is essential for protecting our clean water, air and places for outside enjoyment.   Outdoor recreation and open natural space are vital to the physical and emotional health of the community.


Protection of our water Sources: Land bordering our rivers, lakes and streams filters pollution before it reaches our drinking water. If we do not remove the pollutants that our society puts into the air and water, we consume them ourselves.


Urban Open Space: Studies show that most home buyers would be willing to pay more for a house near a park or protected open space. Protecting and creating green space in urban areas enhance the quality of life, public health and foster a sense of place.


Wildlife Habitat: Protecting habitats is especially critical for our town, one of the most biodiverse towns in the state.     

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